14:00 - 15:30

Seeing through the eyes of the customers: designing services that meet the needs of the people by Alberto Bianchi & Valentina D’addato

How do you design solutions that really respond to customer needs? Through the exploration of case studies and the putting into practice of some design techniques, we will explore how companies, institutions and associations can requalify their services and design valuable experiences to meet the needs of their customers. In particular, Shifton is responsible for designing services in the areas of healthcare, education and social impact. In this masterclass we will focus in particular on a growing trend: that of the Silver Economy, that is the increasing increase of the elderly population that will put us in front of new challenges in the coming years.

By 2050, in fact, 2.1 billion people will have more than 60 years, and the share of world population over this age will be greater than that of the under 15. The challenges facing the elderly and their caregivers are complex and touch on different aspects of their lives as consumers, patients and citizens. At the same time, the estimated value for the Silver Economy market is more than 15 trillion dollars, and the actors who deliver services in this area have a great opportunity to create value.


  • Introduction to the Shifton Service Design and approach
  • Case studies with focus on Healthcare and Silver Economy
  • Presentation of the Empathy Map
  • Building the canvas based on a proposed scenario
  • Sharing of discovered insights
  • Presentation of the next steps and closure


Why to participate

Often startups and companies fail because they forget a fundamental element: people. Participating in this masterclass means understanding how people’s needs are mapped and why it is so crucial to do so. Through the study and application of a tool like the Empathy Map we work on a new mindset to create products and services that people want to want because they actually solve their need.

What the participants will receive

  • The collection of case studies presented
  • A live chat for further study questions
  • A collection of resources (books, websites, videos) on human-centered design

Shifton-Company Profile

In Shifton we deal with innovative projects that have an impact on communities. Through a human-centered approach and service design methodologies, we develop solutions for companies, organizations and associations dealing with health, education and urban culture.

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  • Valentina D’Addato Service design & user research expert | Shifton

Service and experience designers, specializing in the understanding of people’s behaviors and needs, focuses primarily on user research and social innovation, identifying criticalities and opportunities for re-designing and improving of existing services and the generation of new service ideas. It supports companies, organizations and associations to design products and services that respond to people’s needs. He teaches at the Master in Service design of and at IED.

  • Alberto Bianchi Innovation consultant & service designer | Shifton

Specializing in innovation processes, it helps companies unlock their potential and explore new business models to survive the digital revolution. It works on the design and development of innovative solutions for customers, starting from the analysis of needs up to the prototyping and implementation of the services.