14:00 - 15:30

Crowdfunding: a better way to invest in startups

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Shared entrepreneurial bets. Relying on the network crowd. And somehow trusting the network crowd. In these years crowdfunding has spread through Italy, the online collection that allows private individuals, companies, university spinoffs and Tertiary Sector to search the network for people willing to invest. There’s also the Public Administration which decides to embrace the network with territorial crowdfunding. And then the boom for equity crowdfunding, timidly started and enhanced with the regulations in Italy, is now an opportunity promoted by different startups and innovative SMEs. Figures and tendencies of crowdfunding and recipes to better build an effective campaign.


Giancarlo Giudici, Scientific Director of the Crowdinvesting Observatory of Politecnico di Milano
Dario Giudici, Mamacrowd founder
Enrica Arena, Orange Fiber co-founder
Tommaso Baldissera Pacchetti, Crowdfundme CEO
Michele Ficara Manganelli, Direttore editoriale

Chaired by Eleonora Chioda, Millionaire Editor in Chief


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