14:00 - 15:30

Climate Change: is the planet testimonial for innovation?

The consequences of climate change are now under our eyes: The Arctic is overheating at a temperature twice the rest of the planet, but also at our latitudes the upheaval of the climate is undeniable. What is happening in other countries? The peoples of the Earth how are they preparing to tackle climate change? Can innovation be a key factor in mitigating and adapting to climate change? Stories and innovations for a resilient future.


Angelo Viola, Responsabile scientifico Base dirigibile Italia Isole Svalbard – ricercatore Istituto Scienze dell’atmosfera e del clima CNR
Jacopo Pasotti, Giornalista collaboratore Al Jazeera
Lucie Sanchez, Climate KIC Accelerator Program – Aster
Luca Stramare, Responsabile R&D COREPLA
Alessandro Leonardi, Managing Director, Etifor, The Nature-Accelerator – Università di Padova
Paolo Viganò, President Rete Clima
Marco Mangione, Artree
Angelica Monaco, Climate-Kic Italy Director
Fabio Luinetti, Esperto e patito di tecnologia, in particolare di Cloud

chaired by Sara Moraca, journalist at Corriere della Sera


(*) the program, time and speakers may be subject to change