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Last December at StartupItalia! Open Summit 2017 we were thousands, 3.800 to be exact. Over 1,500 startup founders along with students, developers, traditional and innovative companies and hundreds of investors. Together for one day, with a shared goal: to restore confidence in this extraordinary country and give value to all those who grow new ideas, try to realize them and, by doing this, create jobs.

In the first six months of 2018, 233 million euros have been invested in Italy, exceeding the entire 2017. For the first time since long the outlook is positive. Over 9 million euros have come from crowdfunding operations; moreover, new funds emerged for a total of 720 million euros.

At StartupItalia! Open Summit 2018 we want to bring this data, this desire to do business and this drive to bring innovation to our country, believing in its future and growth. We are building the new edition of #sios18!

The appointment is for December 17 at Palazzo del Ghiaccio in Milan!


Agostino Santoni

CEO of Cisco Italia since 2012. He gained his managerial experience in the ICT sector: in Compaq, in HP, where he held positions of increasing responsibility.

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Luigi Di Maio

Luigi Di Maio, born in Avellino 32 years ago, is an Italian politician serving as Deputy Prime Minister of Italy and Minister of Economic Development, Labour and Social Policies since 1 June 2018. He previously served as Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies in the XVII Italian legislature. He is the leader of MoVimento 5 Stelle.

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Corrado Passera

He is the Founder and Executive Chairman of SPAXS, one of the largest special purpose acquisition companies (SPAC) in Europe, with over 600 million euro raised in 2018, and CEO of Illimity Bank.

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Massimo Ciociola

Product-focused, balance-sheet driven entrepreneur with a 20+ year track record in pioneering, launching and growing profitable businesses in the mobile and media space with broad experience in product, business, and content development for the digital space.

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Marco Argenti

Marco Argenti is the Vice President, Technology for Amazon Web Services. He joined the company in September 2013.

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Marco Montemagno

Marco Montemagno is a digital entrepreneur, public speaker, broadcaster. Marco is the Founder of Slashers and has an online community of over 700K people.

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Gianmario Verona

Gianmario Verona is Rector of Bocconi University. He is a Professor of Management specialized on the strategic management of technology and innovation, with a focus on the theme of digital transformation.

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Roberto Cingolani

Roberto Cingolani graduated in Physics, obtained his “Diploma di Perfezionamento” (PhD) in Physics at Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa. Founder of the National Nanotechnology Laboratory (NNL) in Lecce.

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Paolo Barberis

Paolo Barberis, founder of Dada, was born in La Spezia in 1967. He studied Architecture in Italy and Germany. Following the degree, he specialized in Interface Design at Domus Academy in Milan.

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Silvia Candiani

Silvia Candiani is the Country Manager for Microsoft Italy. Silvia has been GM of Consumer and Devices Sales in CEE since 2014. In FY17 she won the cup as best area CDS worldwide and the fastest retail growth in EMEA.

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Luis Sal

Luis Sal, better known by his stage name Luis Sal, is an Italian creator, Videomaker and actor.

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Welcome to StartupItalia!

David Casalini, co-founder and CEO of StartupItalia!

How to create a 2 Million social media impact

Marco Montemagno, Slashers founder

The power of sharing: Hedy Lamarr

Gabriella Greison, physicist, writer and journalist

Over the Billion

Davide Turco, Indaco CEO
Claudio Berretti, Tamburi Investment Partner General Manager
Angelo Coletta, Italia Startup Chairman
Giovanni Vecchio, Euronext Director

Paolo Galvani, Co-fondatore e presidente Moneyfarm
Alessandro Petazzi, CEO Musement
Enrico Pandian, Supermercato24 founder
Giovanni De Lisi, GreenRail founder

Chaired by Monica D’Ascenzo, journalist, Il Sole 24 Ore


Keynote: Carlo Mango, CEO Cariplo Factory

Gabriele Gori, Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze Foundation General Manager
Carlo Mannoni, Sardegna Foundation General Manager

Chaired by Monica D’Ascenzo, journalist, Il Sole 24 Ore

Startup Design

Peter Newbould, Partner & Design Group Italia
Shiina Kaori, Hands On Design CEO

Chaired by Luca De Biase, Nóvatech - Il Sole 24 Ore

A conversation with

A conversation with Stefano Andreoli, Spinoza co-founder

Restart Italy

Andrea Zorzetto, Plug & Play Managing Partner Italy
Giulio Limongelli, WeWork Head of Growth EMEA Pacific
Gianluca Galletto, Advisro at Mayor's Office for International Affairs, NYC

Chaired by David Casalini, co-founder and CEO of StartupItalia!

1st Report on AI, robot and labour market

1st Report on AI, robot and labour market, by Massimo Sumberesi, Head of Doxa Marketing Advice

Chaired by David Casalini, co-founder and CEO of StartupItalia!

AI for the real world

Keynote: Marco Argenti, Vice President IoT, Serverless, Mobile, AR/VR Amazon Web Services

Be Exponential Robot & AI Revolution

Emilia Garito, Quantum Leap CEO
Stefano Portu, Doveconviene Founder

Chaired by David Casalini, co-founder and CEO of StartupItalia!


Artistic freedom, digital opportunities, fair contracts and sustainability in videomaking, gaming, animation and comedy

Luis Sal, YouTuber

Chaired by Marco Monty Montemagno, Slashers Founder

The Future of Learning and Talent

Keynote: Cecilia Waismann, Mindset VP

The Future of Learning and Talent

Davide Dattoli, TAG founder
Gianmario Verona, University Bocconi Dean
Roberto Cingolani, IIT Scientific Director
Antonio Perdichizzi, Italy Junior Achievement President

Chaired by Fulvio Giuliani, journalist, RTL 102.5

The Future of Learning and Talent

Keynote: Silvia Candiani, Microsoft Italia CEO

4BOOKS for #SIOS18

Marco Calabrò, 4BOOKS Chief Operating Officer
Marco Montemagno, Slashers Founder
Paolo Barberis, Nana Bianca Founder

One, ten, one hundred thousand...our focus is People

Keynote: Agostino Santoni, Cisco Italy CEO

A conversation with

A conversation with Stefano Andreoli, Co-Founder



Artistic freedom, digital opportunities, fair contracts and sustainability in videomaking, gaming, animation and comedy

Federico Barengo , YouTuber

Chaired by Marco Monty Montemagno, Slashers Founder

Social creators marketing scenario

To innovate like a Startup, think big

Fireside chat between Corrado Passera, Illimity founder and Marco Monty Montemagno, Slashers Founderder

How blockchain is changing money and business

Fireside chat between Giacomo Zucco, Blockchain Lab CEO and Cristiano Esclapon, Siamosoci Founder

Chaired by Marco Monty Montemagno, Slashers Founder

Dreaming, shaping the future

Paolo Iabichino, Ogilvy Chief Creative Officer
Carlotta Ventura, StartupItalia! Advisor
Giuseppe Stigliano, Executive Director Europe AKQA

Fintech & Talent
Matteo Rizzi, FintechStage Founder

The future of tourism
Mirko Lalli, Travel Appeal Founder

The future of essential services
Micael Saillen, Tate COO

Cybersecurity and IoT: what can go wrong
Gianluca Varisco, Chief Information and Security Officer Arduino

The future of communities
Enrico Noseda, GrowITup Partner
Massimo Mantellini, Blogger and author “Bassa Risoluzione”, Einaudi
Chaired by Giampaolo Colletti

Music in color

Max Ciociola, founder of MusixMatch.

The future of energy

Ernesto Ciorra, Chief Innovability Officer ENEL

Future Storytelling: future needs to be created, built, told

Special people making the difference. Resilient researchers, innovators, pioneers. 10 stories of Italians of excellence, each representing a pillar of StartupItalia! Manifesto. Stories about our future are more powerful whenever told by those who are making them true

Chaired by Giampaolo Colletti, editor at large StartupItalia!

Future Sound

Chiara Luzzana, Award-Winning Sound Designer

We love this game

Fireside chat between Leonardo Bonucci, Serie A Top Player, Juventus and Riccardo Trevisani, journalist SKY Sport

Vittoria Gozzi , Wylab founder

Unstoppable Women: future is female. Leadership, Innovation and STEM

The Women Factor: 1,000 italian female startup powered by UnionCamere & StartupItalia with Anna Chiara Gaudenzi, StartupItalia! Editor in Chief
The Women Factor: business angels by Paolo Anselmo IBAN
Riccarda Zezza, MAAM founder
Layla Pavone, Digital Magics General Manager

Chaired by Luca Tremolada, Il Sole 24 Ore

Fireside Chat: to innovate like a startup

Benedetto Levi, Iliad CEO
Chaired by Giampaolo Colletti

Italia 2019: the innovators’ requests, the entrepreneurs’ proposals, the political actions

Which are the Italian innovators’ needs and their requests to the Government
Luigi Di Maio, Minister of Labor and Social Policies and Vice-President of the Council of Ministers

The Future of Journalism

Keynote: Eric Leandri , Qwant CEO

Stefano De Alessandri , ANSA CEO
Andrea Santagata, Mondadori Deputy General Manager
Fedele Usai, Condé Nast Italy CEO

Tristan Nittot, Mozilla Europe Founder&Past President

Chaired by Giampaolo Colletti, editor at large StartupItalia!

Startup World Cup Final

John Lim, Vice President Fenox VC

Winning Ceremony 2018

Hosted by Giampaolo Colletti and Barbara Gasperini

(*) the program, time and speakers may be subject to change

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